Quang Trung Software City Community (QTSC)

1. Quang Trung SoftwareCommunity(QTSC): attracted 160 information technology enterprises. With a scale of 43 hectares, including 20 office buildings, 8 schools – IT training institutes, residential housing experts and dormitories, preschools, business incubation centers, business support centers , … QTSC is a “software city” that serves more than 20,000 people who study and work regularly. Therefore QTSC is an ideal place to build the foundation of W2F Platform from idea, test, verification to project implementation. QTSC will be the first community to verify and measure our estimates.
W2F will be “1 application to solve all food and eating needs” for QTSC community by the following way:

1. Linking with restaurants, cafes, food service within QTSC

2. Other suppliers of catering and food services

3. Other relevant service providers

4. Create a social network for community members to exchange and share information believe, value with each other.

The project is expected to officially start on: 9:00 am on 06 / Dec / 2019 (Note: It is possible to attach a countdown timer to the page below this page) Which companies and individuals are interested and want to accompany them? Please contact us here: