By creating geographic user communities to increase community engagement and connect communities directly to suppliers, the W2F Platform helps solve the following problems:

1. Create a platform for food suppliers (vegetables, seafood …), small traders, small traders … to easily access and interact with a large number of customers in the same area ( community) – & gt; help to sell larger, more efficient and optimal goods (know customers, quantity and types of goods in advance …, choose suitable places to sell, customers …)

2. Create a platform to make it easy for consumers to easily interact with existing service providers in the community: – Convenience stores, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants in the community (cafe , vitamins, bread, etc., and other related services (Delivery of gas, delivery of drinking water, repair of furniture, tools …).

3. Create a platform to connect members in the community so that each member can develop their own values and skills and share it to optimize all activities in the community, especially in food and moisture real – & gt; Each individual can be the one who creates the product and sells it to the community or consumes products and services from other members of the community..

  • W2F is a platform to help community members exchange information with each other into a community-connected social network (NextDoor model), buy food from suppliers (model Meicai, Grub Market, Amazon Fresh ) into a group to get good prices and services (Groupon model), or buy food from restaurants, convenience stores around the community (Grap Food model, Foody) but with waiting time Shorter and cheaper cost.
  • The members can make their own dishes (models of Plated, Hello Fresh) or their processed food, business to sell to members of the community or register as Shipper to deliver to the community, take advantage the premises to make Pickup point or open a food shop (Fresh shop). W2F Platform helps every member of the community to create, contribute, exchange the values they create for the community, together create a sustainable, responsible community.

Consumer benefits:  W2F is a complete ecosystem, All-In – One platform for all consumer needs – food business for each individual, is a social network that helps link to build a safe and sustainable community , useful for all members..

1.Direct connection from users to home suppliers, producers, control of goods origin

2.Is the fastest food delivery platform – & gt; Immediately respond to the demand for food for customers

3.Many rich, suitable and convenient options

4.Personalize taste, purchase, delivery

5.Reduce costs and time for food, shopping and food processing compared to traditional

6.Able to generate income by taking advantage, contributing strength and self-worth to the community

7.Creating a real, reciprocal relationship in the community

  • Link to buy wholesale and purchase prices in the community
  • Share community information,
  • Search and use proven services and good reviews in the community

Benefits of suppliers

1.Optimal ability to reach customers compared to existing options.

2.Logistic cost savings, operation due to access to many customers in the same geographical area (community).

3.Understanding information about customer needs should help proactively arrange goods and transport.

4.Digitize and increase sales radius, interact with customers (with small businesses, traditional sellers)

5.Support from W2F on technical solutions, access, management, & nbsp; customer care….